Vacant Building Registration/Property Maintenance

On June 21, 2010, the Village of Lisle Board of Trustees passed Ordinance No. 2010-4329, which established vacant property regulations and property lien procedures. This ordinance requires a building owner to register a building if it is unoccupied, vacant, and unsecured.

Obligation to Register

The owner of a building who knows, or from all the facts and circumstances should know, that his of her building is or has become a "vacant building" within the meaning of this section 4-11-5 after the effective date of this section 4-11-5 or the owner of a building, which the Community Development Department determines at any time to be a "vacant building," or the owner of a building whose appeal from the Community Development Director's determination has been denied by the Community Development Director shall take the actions provided for in this section within fifteen (15) days after either the date of the Community Development Director's notice of determination or occurrence of the facts which would cause a reasonable person to believe that the building was a "vacant building," or denial of the appeal, whichever is applicable. Registration does not exonerate the owner from compliance with all applicable codes and ordinances, including this section 4-2-6, nor does it preclude any of the actions the Village is authorized to take pursuant to this section 4-11-5 or elsewhere in this code.

Registration Requirements
  1. Register the building with the Community Development Director, on a form provided by the Community Development Director and pay the two hundred dollar ($200.00) annual non-prorated vacant building registration fee.

    The form shall include, as a minimum, the name, street address, and telephone number of the owner; the case name and number of any litigation pending concerning or affecting the building, including bankruptcy cases; and the name, street address, and telephone number of all persons with any legal interest in the building or the premises.

    The form shall require the owner to identify a natural person twenty one (21) years of age or older who maintains a permanent address in DuPage County, Illinois, to accept service on behalf of the owner with respect to any notices the Community Development Director sends pursuant to this section 4-11-5 or service of process in any proceeding commenced to enforce any provision of this section 4-11-5, and file with the Community Development Director on the registration form, the name, address, telephone number, of said person. A street address is required. A post office box is not an acceptable address;
  2. Renew the vacant building registration each year on the anniversary date of the first filing for the time the building remains vacant and pay the required two hundred dollar ($200) annual fee;
  3. File an amended registration within fifteen (15) days of any change in the information contained in the annual registration. A new registration is required for any change in ownership whatsoever;
  4. Please submit the completed registration form and fee to the Village of Lisle Community Development Department, 925 Burlington Avenue, Lisle, Illinois 60532.
Additional Information
If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please email the Community Development Department or call 630-271-4150. View the following documents for more information: