Boards, Commissions, & Committees

The Village has a variety of Advisory Boards, Commissions and Committees, including:
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  • Board of Fire and Police Commissioners
  • Flood Information Committee
  • Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Police Pension Fund Board
  • Public Art Advisory Committee
  • Transportation Advisory Commission (TAC)


In some instances, such as with the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, and the Police Pension Fund Board, state statutes govern their memberships and responsibilities. Other commissions are created by Village ordinance and their missions and responsibilities are those specifically designated by the Village Board. However, all Boards, Commissions and Committees are subject to state law by virtue of their status as public bodies, including the Illinois Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information Act.

Terms of Appointment

Advisory Board Members are generally appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Village Board. Terms of appointment are set by ordinance and depending on the appointment, they are either 2-year or 3-year commitments. In recommending appointments to the Board, the Mayor takes into consideration work experience and educational background relative to a given advisory body.  Equally important is a high level of enthusiasm and interest in volunteering for the community. Members receive no compensation for their service.

Serving on a Board, Commission or Committee

If you have an interest in serving in a voluntary capacity on a Board, Commission or Committee, complete an online application or complete a PDF version.