Stormwater & the Environment

Runoff from rainstorms is called stormwater and becomes polluted from materials we often use in our yards and streets. As this water flows through our storm drains it carries pollution into our rivers and streams. Unfortunately, this type of pollution not only causes more than 60% of our nation's water quality problems, but also harms all types of aquatic life.

What Can You Do?

  • Limit the application rates and frequencies of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and keep them out of drainage paths.
  • Throw pet waste in the garbage or toilet.
  •  Take your car to a commercial car wash or wash on the grass.
  • Keep your driveway free of vehicle leaks and spills by maintaining your vehicle properly.
  • Take hazardous materials to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility in Naperville. Access more information from the City of Naperville's website.
  • Avoid blowing or sweeping grass clippings into the street.
  • Keep debris, like yard waste, out of creeks.
  • Report stream dumping by calling Public Works Operations at 630-271-4180.
  • Get more information on maintaining natural areas and stabilizing streambanks from DuPage County.
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