Capital Improvement

The Capital Improvement Program is developed and managed by the Engineering Division and includes various projects that need to be implemented by the Village. 

Projects include:
  • Bridge rehabilitation
  • Sanitary sewer extensions and lining
  • Sidewalk extensions and/or replacement
  • Stormwater improvements (pipes, detention areas, drainage-ways and streams)
  • Street rehabilitation
  • Streetlight extensions and/or replacement
  • Water main extensions and/or replacement
  • Water tank improvements
Goal of Program
The Village of Lisle is proactive in the maintenance and repair of its entire infrastructure. The goal of Capital Improvement Programs are to minimize financial expenditures on infrastructure by conducting maintenance before removal and replacement.

Long Term Capital Improvement Planning
Planning is based on a 5 to 10 year projection into the future, analyzing the village's infrastructure over 10 future years to determine what work will need to be done over that period of time. This planning list, approved by the Village Board on an annual basis, is dynamic in nature, but gives the Village of Lisle a sound foundation to plan and execute major Capital Improvement Programs.

For more information about this program, please call 630-271-4170.