Facilities Management Division

Facilities Management is responsible for the care and ongoing maintenance of Village of Lisle-owned buildings and surrounding grounds.

Facilities Management Equipment
These properties include:
  • Lisle Village Hall and Police Station buildings
  • Lisle Commuter Station
  • Village of Lisle Public Works buildings
  • Numerous other sites and storage structures in Lisle
Repairs / Minor Construction
Facilities Management employees perform a wide variety of repairs as well as complete minor construction projects on physical structures and surrounding landscaping.

Preventative Maintenance & Energy Management

Staff is responsible for designing and implementing detailed preventative maintenance programs for buildings to ensure the longevity of these valuable assets. Additionally, employees are responsible for energy management specific to buildings and grounds, managing security systems, and managing formal record keeping. Staff also oversee the activities of contractual services for:
  • Emergency generators
  • Fertilization
  • Fire protection
  • Grounds keeping
  • Irrigation
  • Janitorial services
  • Many other types of similar contracts