Snow & Ice Procedures

The Public Works Department has approximately 20 pieces of equipment that are used to keep more than 60 miles of Village streets, the commuter station, downtown sidewalks and downtown parking lots clear for pedestrians and the motoring public. We also utilize the services of a private weather forecasting company to give us advance warning of major snows or storms that may be coming into the area.

Areas Not in Village Jurisdiction

Please note that some roads are not in the Village's snow/ice removal jurisdiction. These include: Ogden Avenue (Route 34) and Lincoln Avenue (Route 53), which are state roads. Call IDOT at (847) 705-4000 with any concerns.
County roads include Maple Avenue, Yackley Avenue, College Road, Naperville Road, Naper Boulevard, and Warrenville Road. Call DuPage County at (630) 407-6900 about these roads.

Responding to Storms

The Village responds to approximately 30 storms each snow and ice season. The average snowfall for the Northern Illinois area is 39.8 inches, although that figure has fluctuated somewhat in the last few years. In any event, residents should try to remain calm, cooperative and patient during the snow removal process.

Current Ice Procedures

  • Only main roads, school areas, intersections, hills and curves will be salted to maintain bare pavement. Secondary roadways, dead ends and cul-de-sacs will only be spot salted at intersections and hills.
  • All roadways will be salted during ice storms.
Please be aware of slippery road conditions and drive cautiously at all times.

Snow Plowing Priorities

Priorities for snow plowing follow:
  • Arterials (main roads that run through subdivisions), Downtown Lisle, village parking lots, and streets near schools and bus routes are cleared first.
  • Secondaries (roads that feed into the arterial streets) are cleared second.
  • Cul-de-sacs are cleared last because they are very time consuming and the least traveled streets.

Monitoring by the Police Department

As is the case in of all kinds of weather, unpredictable storms occasionally occur and can catch the Village and other municipalities off guard. The Lisle Police Department constantly monitors road conditions. If conditions deteriorate, Public Works crews can be out salting and/or plowing Village streets within the hour.