Parking, Routes, Safety, Etc.

On-Street Parking

Per Village ordinance, parking is not allowed on any portion of public streets or highways in Lisle during or after any snowfall that results in an accumulation of 1 inch or more of snow for a period 24 hours after snowfall or an extended amount of time that may be reasonably required to complete snow removal operations.


The Village is divided into 6 routes for plowing purposes. It takes approximately 5 hours to make a complete pass of all these routes. As a result, plows may not be seen for 5 hours or more. However, be assured that if it is snowing, snowplow operators are out on the streets and will be in your area as soon as possible.


Due of the size of the snow plow trucks and the need to spread salt, please try to remain 100 feet behind these vehicles. Please remember that other motorists may cut in front of these trucks, forcing the snowplow operator to take evasive action. Be prepared to stop quickly should this situation occur.


One of the more common problems residents will experience is snow deposited back at the end of the driveway by plow operators after residents have already spent the time and effort of shoveling it. Unfortunately there is no practical way to avoid this, so understanding is appreciated if this happens. As a way to lessen the amount of snow deposited at the end of the driveway by plows, residents are encouraged to pile snow "downstream" of their driveway to allow for snow to be disbursed along the curb between driveways by plows.

Please Clear Sidewalks of Snow and Ice

Clearing snow from sidewalks allows for safe pedestrian passage along sidewalks. The Village of Lisle encourages property owners to clear sidewalks adjacent to their homes so that neighbors and pedestrians can walk with greater ease and are less likely to unsafely walk in the street. Keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice ensures Village walkways remain safe and accessible for all – and is especially important for the elderly, those pushing strollers, those with challenged mobility and others.

Damaged Mailbox Policy

If your mailbox is damaged during a snow and ice event, please contact Public Works Operations for an inspection. If it is determined that snow coming off of a Village plow damaged the mailbox, it will be the homeowner's responsibility to make the repair. If the mailbox is damaged from a plow actually hitting the mailbox, the homeowner will make the repair and submit the bill (up to $75 reimbursement) to the Public Works Department. Please see the mailbox regulations (PDF) for the Village Code.


If you have problems or questions regarding the Village’s plowing operations, please call the Public Works Department at 630-271-4180 or email us. Keep in mind, however, that our lines get very busy during inclement weather and you may get the voice mail system. Please be assured that we will return your call as quickly as possible to assist with your problem.