Water System

The Village of Lisle purchases Lake Michigan water from the DuPage Water Commission and delivers it to more than 5,955 residential and business customers throughout the Village. The Village’s water system consists of two elevated storage tanks, a standpipe, a pumping station, a reservoir, three backup wells, and approximately 121 miles of water main. The water system enables the distribution of approximately 2.1 million gallons of water per day to approximately 6,197 water services.

The Illinois-American Water Company provides water service to the Oakview neighborhood of the Village and nearby areas in unincorporated Lisle, including The Meadows and Four Lakes Village. Contact the Illinois-American Water Company at 800-422-2782 for more information about water service in these areas.

Ten Year Capital Infrastructure Plan & Rate Restructure

In order to maintain the existing system and adequately plan for future expenses, a ten year capital plan was developed in 2020. The plan accounts for the future capital needs associated with maintaining water towers, water treatment equipment, water mains, pipes, valves, and other system components. The plan also includes construction of 17,400 linear feet of water main, pump station improvements, rehabilitation of emergency back-up wells, water system modeling, and advancements to water meter infrastructure.

To ensure water system revenues meet capital expenses from the plan, a new rate structure was developed that features a fixed meter and volumetric rate, elimination of minimum water charges, and provides for more equitable charges and fees. This restructuring results from a study conducted by a professional engineering consultant, Baxter & Woodman, which reviewed ten year capital and operational needs as well as rate structures. The new rate structure will sustainably finance system maintenance and operational needs and maintain the Village’s standing as having one of the lowest water rates of DuPage Water Commission customers.

To learn more, visit the Village's water system assessment and rate study page.