Water / Sewer Billing & Payment

Billing Fees & Schedule

The Finance Department generates the billing for Village of Lisle Water and Sewer Service. Residential customers are billed bi-monthly at  approximately the 26th of the month after service has been delivered. Commercial customers are billed monthly.
The Village buys its water from the City of Chicago via the DuPage Water Commission. Current water rates follow:  
Within Village Corporate Limits: $6.63 per 1,000 gallons
Outside of Village Corporate Limits: $8.62 per 1,000 gallons 
A minimum bill is charged regardless of whether the home is occupied or vacant. The minimum bi-monthly residential bill for water is $39.78 (0 to 6,000 gallons). A bi-monthly flat fee of $6.00 for sewer maintenance (upkeep of the sewer lines, flushing, etc.) is included in this bill.

Making a Payment

Making a payment is simple. To make a payment:
  • Mail a payment to the Village of Lisle at the following address:
    P.O. Box 95188
    Chicago, IL 60694-5188
  • Make a payment in person at the Village Hall Customer Service windows at
    925 Burlington Avenue. 
  • Deposit a payment into the silver payment drop box located in Village Hall parking lot south of the storage garage (west of Village Hall)
  • Sign up for the Direct Debit Payment option (see below)
  • Use our online E-Pay system
The Village does not accept water bill payments by phone.  

Electronic Billing
The Village offers residents the ability to receive their bi-monthly water/sewer bill electronically. Bills are emailed to residents on the same day paper bills are mailed. An e-mail notification is sent to the customer with a PDF attachment that includes the water/sewer bill. A link to the online payment site is included with the body of the email. 

Enroll in electronic billing through the electronic billing system.

Direct Debit Payment

When using the Direct Debit Payment option, payments will be automatically deducted from your checking or savings account on the due date of the bill. If you are interested in signing up for this service, please download the Direct Payment Authorization Form (PDF) and return it, and a voided check or saving withdrawal form, to the Utility Billing Office via mail or in person at the Village Hall.

New Residents

New residents moving to the Village of Lisle must complete an Application to Establish a Water / Sewer Billing Account. Please make sure to include photo copies of two valid forms of identification, signed and dated. (See the application for accepted types of identification). Completed applications and identification should be mailed to the Utility Billing Clerk at Village Hall (925 Burlington Avenue, Lisle, IL 60532) or emailed to water@villageoflisle.org.
New water / sewer service accounts will be established only when the previous owner / renter of the property has called to cancel their service and schedule a final meter reading if applicable.

DuPage County Billing Information

A separate bill for sewer treatment charges is generated by DuPage County Department of Public Works. For questions regarding your DuPage County sanitary sewer bill, please call the Dupage County Billing Division at 630-985-2905. Please note, the Village of Lisle can't help you with DuPage County sewer bills.