Crime Prevention Links

Please contact the Lisle Police Department Crime Prevention Bureau for additional crime prevention information. Pamphlets are also available in the Lisle Police Department lobby.

Below you will find a variety of helpful crime prevention websites:
  • Behavioral Health Treatment Center Locator: This is an online source of information for persons seeking treatment facilities for substance abuse/addiction and/or mental health problems. 
  • Consumer Protection: This resource covers fraud, identity theft, new alerts, and online safety issues. It is an excellent way to keep informed. 
  • Guide to Teen Treatment Options:  This site contains information on mental, substance and behavoral treatment options for teens.
  • National Crime Prevention Council: This site  offers useful crime prevention tips with pamphlets in both English and Spanish.
  • Partnership for a Drug Free America: This is an excellent source that helps parents to talk to their children about drugs. Includes fact sheets on a variety of club drugs, including true stories from families effected by drug use.
  • Have you received an email or heard a rumor today and you are not sure that it is true? Check out this resource which deciphers fact from fiction. It is especially helpful with those annoying instances of chain mail.