Internet Safety for Children

It is essential that the computer your child uses to access the Internet be easily visible to you at all times, and should not be located in your child’s room. Watch how much time your children spend online. If they become uneasy or nervous when you walk into the room, it could be a sign that they are doing something they shouldn’t.

As a parent, please make sure your children know the following:
  • Never to give out their name, address, telephone number, password, school name, parents names or schedules, pictures of themselves, or credit card numbers
  • Never agree to meet someone in person they have met online without discussing it with you first. If you agree to let them meet, ensure it is in a familiar public place with a trusted adult present
  • Never enter an area that charges or asks for a credit card number without asking for your permission first
  • Instruct them to tell you if someone sends pornographic material, threatening email, or anything else that makes them feel uncomfortable
  • Remind them that people are not always who they say they are. Many child predators use profiles of children, giving fake ages, names, etc. Make sure your children never to respond to messages or emails from unfamiliar persons
  • Be careful when using social networking sites. While there are many positives associated with these sites, children must know that there can also be negative consequences for using them. Privacy concerns, cyber-bullying, and exposure to inappropriate content may adversely affect children. Stress to your children that anything they say or do online is permanent, and may impact them later in their life
Online Parental Control Services & Software
There are many online services that offer parental control features. This allows material to be blocked that is not clearly marked as appropriate for children.

Blocking software can also be purchased, allowing you to block sites by name as well as block sites with inappropriate words.

For more information about this topic, please call the Lisle Police Department.