Red Light Photo Enforcement Program

The Village of Lisle began operating Red Light Enforcement Cameras at 2 selected intersections in June 2008. The intersections of Route 53 and Maple Avenue and Ogden Avenue and Yackley Avenue have been identified as "Red Light Photo Enforced" through signage.

Main Objectives

The Village had three main objectives for implementing the program:

  • To reduce the number of injury crashes resulting from right angle and turning collisions
  • To reduce the overall total number of crashes at an intersection
  • To reduce the number of Red Light Violations at the selected intersections

Since 2008, significant reductions in all accidents categories have been achieved at both Red Light Camera locations. To view the statistics for both intersections, access the following resources:


Citations are issued to motorists who run red lights without stopping or fail to come to a complete stop before turning right on red when safe to do so.

Motorists Will Not be Cited For

  • The motorist enters an intersection on a green or yellow light which turns red before they have a chance to make a left turn
  • The vehicle was yielding to an emergency vehicle or lawfully participating in a funeral procession

Common Misconceptions

  • “The red light cameras take a picture of the driver of the vehicle”
    • Not true. A violation of the Red Light Camera Ordinance is a civil violation assessed against the owner of the vehicle.
  • “I cannot dispute a photo enforced ticket without expensive court costs”
    • Not true. As of January 2011, Illinois law prohibits any community from charging additional fees to individuals wishing to contest a photo enforced violation.
  • The camera flashes and automatically sends out a ticket”
    • Not true. Seeing a flash does not mean a ticket is generated. The camera does not automatically send out tickets. All digital evidence (including video) is reviewed by a trained Lisle Police Officer. No citations are issued without Police Officer approval and authorization.
  •  “Photo enforcement is big brother”
    • Not True. Photo enforcement technology has been applied all over the Chicago and collar county area for several years. To date, there is not a single instance of alleged abuse of this technology that would support any “Big Brother Watching” claims.