Online Forms

  1. Application for Employment

    Apply for a career with the Village of Lisle.

  2. Application for Water / Sewer Billing Account

    Setup water and sewer billing account information via the online form.

  3. Business Emergency Information Form

    Submit the online Business Emergency Information Form to the Police Department.

  4. Citation Review Form

    File an online form to contest a citation.

  5. Freedom of Information Request for Public Records

    Request public records via the online form.

  6. Lost Pet Report Form

    Report your lost pet to Police authorities.

  7. Overnight Street Parking Request

    The Village is now accepting Overnight Parking Permission Requests online! Simply complete an online form to make your request and avoid unnecessary calls to the Lisle Police Department.

  8. Oversized / Overweight Travel Request

    Submit this Oversized / Overweight Travel Request before bringing heavy equipment into the village and receive approval before entering Lisle.

  9. Lost Property Form

    Notify the Police Department of your lost property.

  10. Residential Alarm Registration

    Register your private residential alarm.

  11. TIF Interested Parties Registration - Individuals

    Complete the online TIF Interested Parties Registration for Individuals form.

  12. TIF Interested Parties Registration - Organization

    Submit the online TIF Interested Parties Registration for Organizations form.

  13. Vacation Watch Request Form

    Ask Police officials to watch your home while you are on vacation.