Survey Control Network

Survey Control Densification Program
In 1999, the Village's GIS Division began a program to collect utility locations throughout incorporated Lisle. Part of this project was the establishment of a network of vertical and horizontal survey control stations within the village to support engineering projects, future local surveys, and planimetric and thematic mapping. The survey control network is comprised of physical monuments represented in the State Plane Coordinate System.

Use of Survey Control Network Data
In 2006, the GIS Division updated the survey control network. This project included adding new monumentation and the recovery of disturbed monuments due to construction. Also, primary survey control monuments were measured again to meet National Geodetic Survey (NGS) specifications for 1st order horizontal control and 4th order class 1 control for ellipsoidal (vertical) height. Please see the NGS data below for further information.

Primary Survey Control Monument Data
NGS Data
Monument Location Description
Lisle 1
Maple Avenue and Center Avenue
Lisle 2
Four Lakes Avenue and East Lake Drive
Lisle 3
Ohio Street and Yackley Avenue
Lisle 4
Division Street and Kingston Avenue
Lisle 5
Ogden Avenue (near Keller Street)
Lisle 6
Ogden Avenue and Devon Avenue
Lisle 7
Warrenville Road (near Hatch Lane)
Lisle 8
Warrenville Road - 680 feet west of Yender Avenue
Lisle Village Hall
Burlington Avenue and Center Avenue
Lisle Police Department
Short Street - 110 feet west of Lincoln Avenue / Illinois Route 53

Additional Data Information
Although the Village of Lisle has confidence in the measurements recorded in this survey control network, it is still the responsibility of the user of this data to determine accuracy, timeliness, completeness and appropriateness of its use. The Village of Lisle makes no warranties, expressed or implied, to the use of the data.

Flood Plain Determination

Please contact the Village's Stormwater Administrator at 630-271-4107 with all questions regarding flood plain determination.