Retail Opportunities in Lisle

2016 Nielsen Estimates - Retail Opportunities in Lisle

Lisle is a terrific location for retailers and is home to many retail businesses that have enjoyed a successful Lisle location for decades.

Downtown Retail & Restaurant Opportunities

Downtown Lisle is undergoing major redevelopment, which has transformed it into a pedestrian friendly retail and restaurant district. A prairie style streetscape encourages people to stroll past unique shops, dine in 1 of several unique restaurants or simply relax in front of The Garden Walk's nature themed fountain where turtles, frogs and cranes spout streams of water. Each Saturday morning, the French Market transforms the downtown into a colorful open-air market filled with fun conversation and 1-of-a-kind treasures.

Currently, opportunities exist for unique, boutique like stores, wine shops, artisans and quality restaurants in Downtown Lisle. Nature focused or sustainable businesses and restaurants that reflect the village’s brand, “The Arboretum village,” are particularly well positioned for the downtown.

Nielsen Retail Opportunities

In addition, Lisle also offers opportunities for a variety of other retail businesses. Listed below are major types of retailers needed and the estimated sales possible within a 5-mile radius from Downtown Lisle (Main Street and Ogden Avenue). Data was provided by Nielsen Solution Center.

This data is derived from 2 major sources of information. Demand data is derived from the Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE Survey), which is fielded by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Supply data is derived from the Census of Retail Trade (CRT), which is made available by the U.S. Census. The sales opportunity is the difference between supply and demand for each retail category.

Potential Sales Opportunity Business Category
$158,712,232 Building Materials Dealers
$125,508,242 Home Centers
$122,975,958 Supermarkets (excluding convenience stores)
$121,184,121 Other Gas Stations
$100,423,091 Pharmacies and Drug Stores
$95,842,399 Gas Stations with Convenience Stores
$65,913,092 Building Materials, Lumber Yards
$38,817,608 Nurseries and Garden Centers
$29,301,120 Jewelry Stores
$27,704,562 Appliance, TVs, Electronic Stores
$23,622,217 Radio, TV, Electronics Stores
$18,396,326 Hardware Stores
$17,165,750 Other Health and Personal Care Stores
$14,231,041 Office Supplies and Stationary Stores
$12,921,613 Gift, Novelty and Souvenir Stores