Green by Choice

The Sustainable Lisle Business Partnership is a coalition of Lisle businesses that are committed to meeting the needs of their customers and community, while reducing environmental impacts in the village and beyond. "Going Green" is appreciated by consumers and can also result in decreased operating costs and increased sales. Members receive a free listing in the Green By Choice Directory and display custom decals and tent cards in their establishments.

Step 1 - Schedule a Complimentary Green Audit

Businesses interested in becoming more environmentally responsible should first undergo a complimentary Green Audit to help identify sustainable opportunities within the company.

The Green Audit takes approximately 1 hour and will include a review of water and energy usage, air quality, recycling, waste production, purchasing practices and more.

At the end of the audit, the business will receive a list of practical, eco-friendly activities it can choose to incorporate into its daily operations. To schedule a Green Audit, please contact Catherine Schuster at 630-271-4148.

Step 2 - Offer Green Products / Services & Include Sustainable Practices in Operations

After reviewing the Green Audit results, the business chooses to offer a minimum of 2 green products or services and incorporate at least 2 sustainable practices into their operations. An “Other” option is available in each category to ensure that this program is flexible enough to accommodate the wide variety of businesses in Lisle.

Sustainable Products or Services

The business should sell or produce products that are identified as an environmentally-preferable alternative to traditional products. Examples include:
  • Using environmentally-preferable materials in production (recycled paper, green ink, sustainable dry cleaning fluids) or using materials that are obtained in a sustainable manner, such as wood / lumber from sustainably managed forests and certain types of sustainably caught fish
  • Selling products that promote or enable energy efficient and renewable energy use (sell CFL light bulbs, energy efficient appliances, thermal windows, etc)
  • Selling sustainable and local products or services (fair trade coffee, locally produced wine or locally grown fruit / vegetables)
  • Use materials that are sourced locally or regionally (Chicago Metropolitan Area or Midwest)

Sustainable Operations

The business should be making an active effort to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. Examples include:
  • Investing in energy-efficient appliances and following resource conservation practices (replacing standard light bulbs with CFLs or LED lights; purchasing Energy Star rated office equipment; turning the thermostat down by 2 degrees in the winter and up 2 degrees in the summer; turning off lights, computers, printers and copiers when not in use, and always at the end of the day)
  • Implementing water conversation measures (low-flow faucets and toilets)
  • Reducing waste and recycling
  • Using environmentally-friendly office supplies (copier paper that contains at least 30% recycled content)
  • Reducing carbon and VOC output (low or no-VOC cleaning products and paints)
  • Encouraging / Offering workplace transportation options for employees (public transportation; van pooling; telecommuting; flexible work hours)
  • Adding alternatively-fueled vehicles and hybrids to company fleet

Step 3 - Green Directory Listing, Support Materials Distributed

Participating businesses receive a free listing in the Green By Choice Directory of Lisle Businesses. The listing provides contact info and reviews the participating business' sustainable efforts as well as any special initiatives. Colorful decals and tent cards are distributed to inform customers that your business is a Green By Choice member.

For more information about this program, contact Marketing/Communications Director Catherine Schuster via email or phone at 630-271-4148.