Apply For...

  1. Building & Sign Permits

    Browse various documents, forms, and permits related to the Community and Economic Development Department.

  2. Business License

    Access this resource to determine if your business would require a license and then access applications and related resources.

  3. Business Registration

    Find information you need regarding the registration of a business including the business registration application.

  4. Jobs

    Apply for a job online utilizing the service provided by the village.

  5. Senior Citizen Taxi Subsidy

    Find out more about the Taxi Subsidy Program specifically for Lisle senior citizens.

  6. Sod/Seed Watering Permit

    Apply for a permit to give new sod or seed the water they will need to thrive.

  7. Vacant Building Registration

    On June 21, 2010, the Village of Lisle Board of Trustees passed Ordinance No. 2010-4329 which established vacant property regulations and property lien procedures. This ordinance requires a building owner to register a building if it is unoccupied, vacant, and unsecured.

  8. Volunteers 4 Lisle

    Check out the program that provides the public with an opportunity to volunteer for the Village of Lisle in a variety of ways.

  9. Voter Registration

    Locate information regarding the process of voting in the village such as voter requirements and other details.

  10. Water/Sewer Billing Account

    Water/Sewer Billing Account