Learn About...

  1. Benefits of Living in Lisle

    Learn about the many numerous benefits of living in the Village of Lisle.

  2. Bid Documents

    Opens bids from the Village of Lisle

  3. Crime Prevention Tips

    Locate a variety of crime prevention tips and methods along with related information to help keep you and the community safe.

  4. GIS Data

    The Geographic Information System Division creates, collects, and maintains geographic data.

  5. Leaf & Branch Pickup

    Locate details on programs such as the branch and leaf pickup programs and see information on forestry topics in Lisle.

  6. Neighborhood Watch

    Gain information on the Neighborhood Watch Program and how you can participate.

  7. Recycling

    Lisle recognizes responsible environmental stewardship as part of its mission in providing excellent municipal services to the community.

  8. Snow & Ice Procedures

    Read about the division that responds to approximately 30 storms each snow and ice season.

  9. Transportation Methods

    The Village of Lisle features an excellent transportation network consisting of air, rail, interstate, and bus services that facilitate convenient, hassle-free travel within and beyond Lisle.

  10. Veterans Memorial

    Learn about a grass roots effort to establish a Veterans Memorial in Downtown Lisle.

  11. Water Meter Replacement Program

    Review detailed information about the Water Meter Replacement Program, which will affect approximately 5,000 residents.