Request or Report...

  1. Accident Report

    Discover how you can receive a copy of a report from the Lisle Police Department Records Bureau.

  2. Electronic Community Sign

  3. Freedom of Information Act

    Read about how all requests for public records, including those for police reports, are to be submitted in writing to the Freedom of Information Officer.

  4. Lost Pet

    To help finding your pet as quickly as possible, please complete this form, which will log the lost pet information in the Police Records Log. Please also call 911 at the same time so that an officer can be dispatched to help search for the pet.

  5. Lost Property

    Fill out an online form that allows you to report lost property to law enforcement.

  6. Overnight Parking

    The Village is now accepting Overnight Parking Permission Requests online! Simply complete an online form to make your request and avoid unnecessary calls to the Lisle Police Department.

  7. Parking Ticket Court Date

    Learn how to pay a parking ticket, contest a ticket, or request a court date.

  8. Public Records

    Complete an online form to request a particular public record.

  9. Residential Alarm Registration

    Use this form to register your home alarm system with the Lisle Police

  10. Report a Concern