Floodplain Maps

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) issues maps that are used to regulate development projects in the floodplain and establish flood insurance rates. These maps are called Flood Insurance Rate Maps or FIRMs. The Village of Lisle Floodplain Map is a simplified look at the floodplains in Lisle. To review a detailed map of the floodplain, use the Village's Online Floodplain Map

PRELIMINARY Flood Insurance Rate Maps

FEMA and the Illinois State Water Survey received a large number of comments regarding the Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps released during the Summer 2015. REVISED Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps are being prepared and are scheduled to be issued in June 2017.  The links to the maps will be updated as soon as they are available. It is anticipated that an additional 30-day comment period will be held for these REVISED maps.  
June 6, 2015 - Preliminary Flood Maps Released

June 2017(Estimated) - Release of REVISED Preliminary Flood Maps

Undetermined - Start of 90-Day Appeals Period

Undetermined - New Maps Become Effective 
                          New Flood Insurance Premiums Become Effective

View the latest Floodplain Mapping Update.

Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps

To view your property on the Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps, type in your complete address, including city and state in the search bar. These maps show the existing floodplain and floodway in solid blue and red, while the preliminary floodplain and floodway is shown in cross-hatched blue and red. NOTE - REVISED Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps will be posted when they are made available.
The maps and Flood Insurance Study Report are also available at the Lisle Public Library Adult Reference Desk. 

FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps

Maps are available from the following sources: 
  • Paper copies can be viewed at Village Hall or the Lisle Public Library, Adult Reference Desk
  • Maps can be viewed and printed online from FEMA Map Service Center

Letters of Map Amendment / Letters of Map Revisions

The Letters of Map Amendment (LOMAs) / Letters of Map Revisions (LOMRs) are issued by FEMA to clarify if a property is in the regulatory floodplain or to update the maps for new studies. Letters have been issued for individual properties as well as subdivisions, including:
  • Arboretum Glen
  • Arbor Trails
  • Peach Creek
  • Wood Glen Park
Copies of LOMAs and LOMRs are available at Village Hall.

DuPage Regulatory Flood Maps

The DuPage County Regulatory Flood Maps are used by the Village of Lisle and DuPage County when reviewing permit applications for new buildings, additions, decks, sheds, and grading. These maps are revised by the county on a regular basis and can vary from the FIRMs. These maps are large files and may load slowly.
Visit villageoflisle.org to see the preliminary maps and learn when map changes take effect.
For general information, contact: Marilyn Sucoe at (630) 271-4107 or msucoe@villageoflisle.org.