Garbage & Yard Waste Cart Service

What do I need to do to have subscription services with automatic billing? Residents should contact Lakeshore Recycling Systems to set up subscription services, as well as automatic billing.  

What are the monthly cart program costs for Lakeshore Recycling Systems?

  • 35-gallon waste cart ($19.63/month) 
  • 65-gallon waste cart ($20.65/month)
  • 95-gallon waste cart ($24.55/month) 

What does the subscription service include? Subscription service with LRS offers three options; all include a waste container, either a 35-gallon, 65-gallon or 95-gallon container that are picked up weekly on Wednesdays (unless a holiday falls on a Wednesday, then service pickups will be on Thursdays). No stickers are needed if all items fit in the container. If additional refuse bags need to be put out for pickup, stickers are required for each additional bag.

How can I make arrangements for cart services provided by LRS? Services, automatic billing and payment options for Lisle residents must be arranged directly with LRS.  Delivery of carts for subscription service can take up to three weeks. Call LRS at 630-581-8650 or email


What if I don’t want subscription service and I want to dispose of garbage in a container that I purchased? The size limit for resident-owned containers is a maximum of 35 gallons (which normally holds two full tall kitchen garbage bags). A sticker must be affixed to the container for it to be picked up. Additional bags of garbage can also be left out; one sticker is required to be affixed to each additional bag.


Is there a cost for recycling or recycling carts? No. Recycling carts and services are provided to single-family Lisle residents free of charge as well as the following multi-family complexes, including Chelsea Condos, Highpoint of Green Trails, McKenzie Station, Oakridge Townhomes, Oaks at Green Trails and Tangley Oaks Trail


Seasonal yard waste pick-up runs from the third week in March through the second week in December each year. This program also includes recycling of food scrap materials.

The Seasonal Yard Waste Cart subscription costs for LRS are: 

  • 65-gallon cart (yard waste and food scrap materials)    $131.33 per season
  • 95-gallon cart (yard waste and food scrap materials)   $157.59 per season 

Please contact LRS to sign up for Seasonal Yard Waste cart service.  

Residents may also sticker biodegradable bags or resident owned 34-gallon containers to dispose of yard waste materials.  Resident owned containers must be clearly marked as yard waste and not weigh more than 50 pounds.