Protect You & Your Property from Flooding

Flood Damage Reduction Measures
The Village of Lisle strives to protect both people and property from the damaging effects of flooding. Listed below are communications which provide a wealth of flood related information to review and follow.
Flood Ready - Comprehensive guide that presents ways to protect property from flooding, reviews flood insurance, safety tips for before/during/after a flood and helpful resources.
Water Matters - Reviews the importance of floodplains, how to keep local waterways clean, how to access local river gage info to monitor water levels, how to drain a flooded basement, Village flood services and more.
Residential Flood-Proofing Guidebook - DuPage County Stormwater Management's Guide that helps homeowners resolve common localized flooding issues from both underground and overland sources. It also helps homeowners identify the source of their flooding and offers various ways to combat this flooding.