Village Efforts to Prevent Flooding

Flood mitigation simply means finding ways to reduce or prevent flood damages. Mitigation methods include removing buildings from the flood- plain, elevating homes, installing berms or floodwalls around structures or creating larger roadway culverts to better manage runoff water.
In addition to using the East Branch of the DuPage River Levee System to mitigate flooding, the Village participates in regional mitigation planning, acquiring floodplain properties and applying for flood mitigation grants.

DuPage County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan

The Village of Lisle is working with DuPage County and other DuPage municipalities to update the countywide Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan. This plan identifies activities that can be undertaken by both the government and the private sector to reduce the safety hazards, health hazards and property damage caused by floods, severe storms, and tornadoes.
A workgroup has been formed to assist with updating the Mitigation Plan and coordinate a public outreach meeting and survey. The workgroup will meet to assess the County’s hazards, problems associated with each hazard, develop goals for the County as a whole and develop mitigation strategies. The workgroup will work to ensure these strategies encompass the following seven categories of mitigation:
  • Preventative Measures
  • Property Protection
  • Natural Resource Protection
  • Emergency Services
  • Structural Flood Control Projects
  • Public Information

Once the Hazards Mitigation Plan update is complete, it will be reviewed by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) and FEMA. Once the plan has been approved by these entities, the County Board and participating municipal boards will adopt the plan through a formal resolution. For updates on meeting dates, times, locations, and public surveys, please return to this page periodically. To learn more about this process and the Hazard Mitigation Plan, visit the Protect DuPage Hazard Mitigation Website.

Public Input Survey

To further engage the public, a Public Input Survey has been developed and all are encouraged to provide feedback and complete the survey.
Access the Public Input Survey.

Additional Documentation & Reports

The Village prepares annual reports to outline the status of each activity outlined in the plan. The following links can be used to view the entire DuPage County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (200 pages) and the Village of Lisle’s adopting resolution and annual reports.

DuPage County

Village of Lisle