June 4, 2015 
The Village has submitted an additional application for $300,000 in Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Funding. This money, combined with $100,000 in local matching funds, will be used to acquire and demolish up to two additional properties impacted by the April 18, 2013 Flood. FEMA approval of this additional funding is expected in a few months. 

Village staff has been working with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, DuPage County Community Development and DuPage County Storm Water Management to assist as many homeowners as possible in response to the 2013 Flood. More than twenty homes are expected to be purchased and the properties restored to open space in the next two years.

The Village of Lisle has been awarded $2,889,864 in Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  These funds, along with required local matching funds, will provide a total of $3,853,152. This money will be used within the floodplain to acquire and demolish thirteen residential structures and elevate six structures above the base flood elevation to reduce future flood-related damages.  
DuPage County has committed to provide a portion of the required local matching funds through its Community Development Block Grant, Disaster Recovery Grant Program. Additional matching funds will be provided through homeowners’ flood insurance policies.

This grant will allow the Village to continue to reduce flood losses in the community. The Village's ongoing efforts to effectively manage storm water enables Lisle property owners in the floodplain to receive a 25% discount on their flood insurance premiums. Property owners outside of the floodplain can realize 10% flood insurance premium discounts.  

Project Scope of Work
The Village of Lisle submitted an application for FEMA HMGP funding on December 16, 2013. To learn more, view the final August 2014 Project Scope of Work. The application requests funds for 13 home acquisitions and 6 home elevations. An additional 21 home acquisitions were requested, to be purchased as funds allow.