Rain Gardens / Rain Barrels

Rain Garden
Benefits of Rain Gardens
Planting colorful rain gardens on your property to absorb storm water is a
beautiful way to reduce runoff from your property and help replenish groundwater.

The colorful native plants used in a rain garden have deep roots, which absorb runoff water. The are also resilient plants that need little attention.  Rain gardens add color to your landscape and help keep wet areas of the yard drier.  
Rain gardens can be located in an existing low areas which slope downward away from a patio, driveway, or gutter downspout.

Rain Barrels: A Great Way to Help the Environment

Installing rain barrels is a great way to help both you and the environment by:
  • Reducing storm water runoff
  • Providing water for your flowers, lawn and vegetables
  • Decreasing your water bill

Once a rain barrel is installed, rain water that falls on the roof is diverted from the gutter system into the rain barrel.  This water can then be used to water the garden, grass, wash your car, etc. Rain barrels can be decorated so they become a visually appealing part of your landscape. 

Rain Barrel

Rain Barrels for Sale

The Conservation Foundation has partnered with Upcycle Products to offer rain barrels with multiple different choices: black, grey, blue, terra cotta, with plant hangers or netting for climbing plants.  A portion of the sale is given to The Conservation Foundation. To learn more, click here.