Electric Aggregation

Village of Lisle Municipal Aggregation Electricity Program
Through a competitive bid process, the Village of Lisle entered into a 3-year Electrical Aggregation Agreement that provides an electricity supply alternative to ComEd. Constellation New Energy is the Village's alternative electric supply provider. 
  • Regular Service Price Rate: 7.31 cents/kWh
  • Contract Term: September 2014 - August 2017
  • "Green" Option Price Rate: 7.46 cents/kWh
  • Early Termination Fee: None
  • Customer Service: (844) 310-4378
  •  Constellation website
Update: May 2016
Since the Village last renewed pricing for its Electric Aggregation Program (2014), the pricing of electricity has significantly decreased during the past year. The recently released ComEd base rate of 6.275¢ per kWh through May 2017 is considerably lower than the Village’s current Electric Aggregation Program rate of 7.31¢ per kWh.

Residents may wish to consider switching back to ComEd for the duration of the Village’s Program, which ends in August 2017. The Village’s Electric Aggregation Program has no early termination fee, so any resident wanting to move to the lower ComEd rate may do so with no penalty by calling the Village’s current supplier, Constellation, at (844) 310-4378. (Neither the Village or ComEd can switch your account, only Constellation can complete.) Residents should have their ComEd account number available when they call.

October 2015
The Village of Lisle’s Municipal Electric Aggregation Program began in 2012, resulting in significant savings for program participants versus the ComEd electricity rate.  In June 2014, after an initial two-year agreement with FirstEnergy, the Village entered into a new three-year contract with Constellation New Energy to provide electrical service to account holders in Lisle at a rate of 7.31 cents per kWh through 2017.

Since the Village contracted with Constellation last year, most commodity rates (including electricity) have decreased. Consequently, the ComEd residential electric rate, which is set annually, will range from 6.5 to 7.5 cents through June of 2016 and is therefore likely to be lower than the Village’s multi-year rate of 7.31 cents from Constellation. The Village asked to renegotiate its rate, but Constellation was not receptive.

Residents are free to return to ComEd with no early termination fee to take advantage of the lower rates that may likely be available from ComEd. Residents desiring to do so are encouraged to call the Village’s supplier (Constellation) at 1-844-310-4378 to move their electric service account back to ComEd.  Please note that the Village is not able to cancel an account on behalf of a resident.   

Should you decide to move your electric service back to ComEd, you are then free to move to any other supplier at any other time, except that you cannot return to the previous supplier for 6 months. And you can always return to the Village’s Aggregation Program after the 6 month period.

If you have questions, please contact the Village’s electrical aggregation consultant NIMEC (Northern Illinois Municipal Energy Collaborative) at 1-800-727-3820.