Electric Aggregation

Village of Lisle Electric Aggregation Program


Following the passage of a March 2012 voter referendum, the Village of Lisle has contracted to procure cost-effective electric supply for residents and small businesses. OverSolar this time, participating ratepayers have saved money in power costs and have been supplied with small amounts of green energy. An electric aggregation program intended to aggregate the purchasing power of residents and small businesses to secure lower electricity supply costs.

New Provider – Eligo Energy

In July of 2020, the Village Board voted to renew the Village’s participation in the municipal electric aggregation program with Chicago-based Eligo Energy IL, LLC. Eligo Energy is an independent seller of power and energy services certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) as an Alternative Retail Electricity Supplier. Eligo Energy was the selected electric supplier after a competitive bidding process. The agreement with Eligo Energy is for a two-year term ending in October 2022.

Though the electric supply market has tightened and no longer can provide cost savings to participants, under this program, residents and small businesses are guaranteed to never pay more than the current ComEd rate at any given time. ComEd sets its residential rate annually in the spring of each year. Specifically, ComEd releases a summer rate (4 months) and a non-Summer rate (8 months). ComEd then adjusts that rate in September. The benefits of the program include the new program featuring 100% Green Energy for residents and small businesses who have not previously selected another power supplier.

The Village will also receive Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from generation sources such as wind and recycled energy to match the aggregation’s entire residential and small commercial electricity load. This program promotes a cleaner environment and Lisle will be designated an EPA Green Power Community. Lastly, the Village receives a civic contribution from the program that will be used to augment the revenues used to support services for Village residents and businesses. There is nothing residents and small businesses need to do to participate in the program. All eligible accounts will be automatically enrolled. There is no enrollment fee to join, and no early termination fee, should you choose to leave the program.

Residents and businesses are also able to 'opt out' of the program at any time for no charge, meaning that those who wish not to participate in the green aggregation program can email Eligo at LisleOptOut@eligoenergy.com, call Eligo at (312) 637-2826, or complete and mailing back an Opt-Out form within 21 days of mailing.

To learn more about the program, FAQ’s, and how to opt-out, visit www.eligoenergy.com/cities/il/Lisle.

Eligo Energy can also be reached at customerservice@eligoenergy.com or (312) 637-2826, Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm.

Important Note: Solicitors may take this renewal opportunity to offer other programs. No one from Eligo, the Village, or ComEd will ever visit your home or call you to enroll or ask for your ComEd account number.

To report an electrical outage, or for questions pertaining to your ComEd bill, call ComEd at 800-334-7661.