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Contact ComEd to Report Power Outages

Residents who lose power due to severe weather should contact ComEd to report the outage. ComEd relies on both its Emergency Operating Center Monitoring Program and customer reports to determine where outrages occur. To report an outage or check outage status, customers can contact ComEd using any of the following:

Online Form: Use either the “Online Account Log In” or “No Log In Required” at 

Mobile Phone: Text “OUT” to 26633 (Subscription to Outage Alerts Required)  Mobile App: Use the free

ComEd Mobile App to report and outage on an iOS or Android device. The app will also provide notifications as the outage status is updated. 

Facebook: Report an outage on ComEd’s Facebook Outage page, 

Call ComEd Customer Service at 1-800-Edison-1 or call ComEd at 1-800- 334-7661 to report an outage by phone.

After a widespread outage, Com Ed restores power in the following order of priority: 

Critical public health and safety facilities including hospitals, police and fire departments, water reclamation plants, pumping stations and communication systems. 

Outages affecting the largest number/concentration of customers whose power can be restored in the least amount of time. These include major feeder trunk lines, high-density housing developments and large neighborhoods. 

Smaller neighborhoods and individual services.

For more information, visit or follow ComEd on Twitter@ComEd or at or download ComEd’s mobile app for Android or iOS.