Solicitation Permit

Anyone who wishes to solicit within the corporate limits of the Village of Lisle must obtain a solicitor’s permit. Each adult solicitor is required to wear a badge issued by the Village. This badge shows the permit number, and the time period in which they may solicit. Solicitors under 18 must carry an approval letter issued by the Village. 

No Solicitors Invited Cards

The Village of Lisle has received many complaints on solicitors within the corporate limits. With this in mind, we have “No Solicitors Invited” cards, available at the Village Hall free-of-charge, which may be displayed upon or near the main entrance door to your residence.

If a “No Solicitors Invited” notice is displayed, the solicitor must immediately leave the premises. They are not allowed to knock on the door or ring the doorbell. Any solicitor who has gained entrance to any residence, whether invited or not, shall immediately and peacefully depart from the premises when requested to do so.

Time Limitations

No one should engage in commercial solicitation prior to 9 a.m. or after 8 p.m. of any day.


If you have complaints, you may call Customer Service at 630-271-4100. The complaints will be recorded and placed on file for reference on future applications. The best way to report violations is to immediately dial 911, let them know your location and that a solicitor is in the vicinity and is in violation of the Village Code. By reporting the violation immediately, an officer can be there when the solicitor is in the area. To call after they have left the area, or the next day, does not allow an officer to confront the solicitor in person.