Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control General Information

  • The Village of Lisle contracts with Clarke Environmental Management, Inc. of St. Charles, IL for mosquito control.
  • To report nuisances in your area, please call 800-942-2555. 

Requests to be Alerted Prior to Spray

While the confirmation of West Nile Virus in the Chicago-land region in prior years has created an increased focus on mosquito control, the Village of Lisle and Clarke receive some requests from residents who wish to be alerted prior to the administration of a spray treatment. Requests for such notice can be made by calling Clarke at 800-942-2555.

Difficulty In Providing a Schedule

It is difficult to provide the public a schedule of mosquito treatments due to the factors influencing the treatments. Weather conditions greatly impact the administering of the spray treatments, and they may be cancelled at the last moment due to weather concerns. In addition to the weather, Clarke also has to administer the treatments at times when mosquito activity is likely to create the maximum benefit from a treatment.

Learn More About Mosquitos

To learn more about mosquitos, including facts sheets, West Nile Virus, a Personal Protection Index which measures the estimated daily risk for West Nile Virus in the area, visit the DuPage County Health Department website.