Restaurant Grant Program

Restaurant Grant Program

The goal of the Restaurant Grant Program is to assist and encourage high quality, full service restaurants to locate and expand within the Village of Lisle. The Village seeks experienced restaurant operators to expand its distinctive dining options available to both residents and visitors. Allocation of funds requires approval from the Village Board.

The program provides reimbursement of matching funds to qualifying applicants. The applicant must contribute a minimum of 200% of awarded funds (e.g. $20,000 grant requires the applicant to spend a minimum of an additional $40,000) on eligible improvements with a potential maximum award of $40,000 per project.

To view a copy of the Restaurant Grant Screening Application click here. To view a copy of the Full Restaurant Grant Application click here.

Qualifying Restaurants / Projects

The program strives to award funds to high-quality, full service restaurants and qualifying operators which derive 75% of gross income from on-site food and beverage sales from serving lunch and dinner. A variety of projects may qualify under the program including but not limited to construction or conversion of a new restaurant, a significant expansion to an existing full service restaurant and/or a variety of significant interior and exterior upgrades for a new/existing full service restaurant.

Application Process

The application and reimbursement process is a multi-step process guided by Village staff with approval from the Village Board. Access a general overview of the application process (PDF). Below is a general outline of the Restaurant Grant Program process.
  1. Grant Orientation Meeting
  2. Complete and Submit Application
  3. Grant Agreement and Approval by the Village
  4. Award Package
  5. Building Permit
  6. Begin Work
  7. Project Completion / Reimbursement of Funds
  8. Annual Follow-Up Reporting

Additional Information

For additional information on the Restaurant Grant Program or to schedule a Grant Orientation Meeting, please contact the Development Services Department at 630-271-4150.

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