Over the years, village leaders, stakeholders, property owners, and the broader community have established a collective vision for Downtown Lisle and the Ogden Avenue Corridor through the Downtown Master Plan and the Ogden Avenue Corridor Plan.

Downtown Lisle
The downtown is intended to be an attractive community gathering place with an emphasis on pedestrian-oriented activity with a range of retail, service, office, residential and public uses, and also strengthen Lisle’s economic base by retaining and attracting viable businesses for retail, dining, entertainment, and new activities.

In recent years, the village has made a significant public investment in the downtown by relocating and constructing a new Village Hall, funding Main Street infrastructure and streetscape improvements, providing façade grants for private businesses, and developing the PrairieWalk Pond area west of the Downtown.

Ogden Avenue Today
Today, Ogden Avenue is a principal east-west regional highway and the main commercial highway of Lisle playing a key role in the village's economic viability. Since adoption of the Ogden Avenue Corridor Plan in 2010, the village continues to work with existing and prospective businesses to implement the land use, transportation, mobility, and aesthetic goals laid out in the plan for the corridor.