Citizen Reporting, Commendations and Citizen Complaints

The following non-emergency activities may be reported through the Lisle Police Department's Citizen Reporting module.  Please provide details of incidents that  do not require immediate police response.  Citizen reports will be reviewed and acted upon accordingly.  

  • Abandoned Vehicle
  • Annoying or Harassing Phone Calls
  • Drug Activity / Crime Tip 
  • Found / Lost Property 
  • Identity Theft (with no monetary loss)    
  • Mail Box Damaged 
  • Other Information or Report
  • Parking Complaint 
  • Requests for Extra Patrol 
  • Suspicious Incident (not in progress) 
  • Traffic Issues / Speeding Vehicles 
  • Vandalism
Each year, Lisle Police Department officers, staff and 911 operators have thousands of contacts with citizens. In some cases, individuals may question why an incident was handled in a particular way or they may wish to positively acknowledge the employee(s) involved. In other situations, they may disagree with the actions of a department employee.

The Village of Lisle Police Department values the feedback it receives from the community as a means to evaluate current policies. For example, if a particular policy routinely generates questions from citizens, the policy may need to be changed or employee training may need to be increased in that area. Occasionally, an employee's actions may be inappropriate and warrant corrective action.

The Village of Lisle Police Department takes citizen's concerns seriously. We believe the public is entitled to efficient, fair and impartial service. We investigate allegations of employee misconduct, respond to inquiries about employee actions or departmental policies and document all commendations received from the public.

We also encourage active feedback from community members or visitors to the Village of Lisle who have had a positive experience with the department, a Lisle Police Officer or a civilian employee of the Police Department. We also welcome suggestions from our community and visitors and invite you to submit them for our consideration. To commend the service of an employee or make a suggestion, please complete the Commendations and Citizen Complaint Form

In some instances, individuals may feel that a member of the Lisle Police Department has failed to meet our high standards of service to the community. In those situations, individuals may wish to file a formal complaint. Should you wish to file a complaint against an employee or a specific agency action, please complete the Commendations and Citizen Complaint Form