ID This Person Program

Help Police Solve Crimes, Earn a $25 Reward
The Village of Lisle is seeking to engage the public’s help in solving crimes by using a new website, This website was created to empower citizens to help fight Identity Theft and related crimes by providing them with an anonymous way to provide helpful information to police.

How Does It Work?
Law enforcement agencies from across the nation post pictures of suspects associated with various criminal activities on the website. The public can browse these pictures by state/zipcode. If they recognize someone, they can click on the picture and enter the suspect’s information which can include name, address, employer, car they drive, etc. This information is sent to the Police Department that originally posted the picture. and the police do not need to know who you are; they just need to know who you know. does not collect the data submitted by users; it merely forwards it to the law enforcement agency that submitted the picture.

How Can I Earn a Gift Card?
People can submit information anonymously or provide their email address for follow up. If the information provided leads to the initial identification of a suspect, the person will receive a $25 gift card for a business of their choice through a link in an email that will be sent to them. (To receive the gift card, the person must provide an email address). The gift cards are paid for by the ID This Person website and are sent via a third party, internet-based gift card business.

To begin searching for people of interest to police in the Lisle area, visit the IDThisPerson website