Downtown Lisle Master Plan

The Lisle community was invited to attend the first Master Plan Community Workshop that was held on Wednesday, October 26 at 6:30 p.m. in the Village Hall Board Room (925 Burlington Avenue).  Attendees had the opportunity to provide feedback about their aspirations, as well as any concerns, about the downtown. Input provided will help establish the foundation for concepts and recommendations that will be integrated in the new Downtown Lisle Master Plan. 
Residents and businesses who did not attend the workshop can still provide feedback by completing an online survey available on the Master Plan website. There is a separate survey for residents and businesses.  

Project Overview

On September 20, 2016, the Village of Lisle kicked off the process of creating a new Downtown Lisle Master Plan, which will serve as a blueprint to direct growth, investment and development in the downtown area over the next ten years.  Since the current 1999 Master Plan was created, many Master Plan recommended projects have been completed and downtown conditions have changed.
The Village has engaged the services of planning firm Houseal Lavigne to guide the expected eight-month process to draft a new plan. During this time, extensive public outreach will be conducted to obtain feedback that will help determine “What should Downtown Lisle look like in ten years and what the steps we need to take to get there?"
To keep the public informed about the process, a new Master Plan website has been created that will review the process, provide updates, access surveys, list a schedule of community meetings and more. All are encouraged to bookmark the page and visit it often to remain current about the Master Plan process.  The Village will also release information on its other communication channels, including social media, newsletters, cable TV and Notify Me. 

Once the new Master Plan has been created, it will be reviewed and final action will be taken by the Planning & Zoning Commission, the Economic Development Commission and finally, the Village Board.   
Should you have questions about the Master Plan process, contact Village Planner Mark Herman at (630) 271-4169 or via