2019 - 2021 Strategic Planning Process

On June 15 and 16, 2018, the Village of Lisle Village Board held visioning and action planning sessions to establish a strategic plan for the Lisle community. These sessions were held to identify issues of priority for the Village Board and the community, develop a common vision, establish a framework for the accomplishment of short and long-term goals, and identify key issues to address. The meetings were held at Benedictine University and were open to the public.  Agendas for both of these meetings are available for reference by following the links below.

This goal-setting process began in December when the Village issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for strategic planning services. Once a qualified consultant was selected by the Village Board, work began on assembling information for each participant’s consideration as they embarked upon this effort. Called an “Environmental Scan,” this collected background information included the community’s demographic data, financial statistics, organizational trends, and the results of interviews conducted with Village officials and staff. A copy of the Environmental Scan can be found below.

The Environmental Scan was used as a starting point for conversations which were held offsite in observance of best practices which suggest that removal from the normal place of business helps to foster more productive and dynamic discussions. In addition to these discussions, team building exercises helped to draw together the participants on topics of common interest which were centered around the betterment of the Lisle community and of the Village of Lisle organization that serves the community.

This strategic planning process also included extensive conversations about the community, elected and appointed Village officials, Village staff, and the role each play in ensuring a high quality of life for the residents of Lisle. To achieve the desired outcome, open, honest, and informal conversations were a necessary part of the process. Though these conversations were in some cases difficult to have, and in others may have touched upon topics that are sensitive or personal in nature, they were integral in ensuring a process that at its core serves the objectives of the strategic planning process. Recordings of these meetings can be found below.

Based on the discussions and materials created during these two days, the Village’s consultant will work with Village staff to develop a draft Strategic Plan containing short and long-term goals for the Lisle community. Once the draft has been prepared, it will be considered by the Village Board for approval.  The Village Board's consideration of the Strategic Plan will be shared with the Lisle community through the Village's YouTube Channel, and updates on this process will be shared through this webpage, social media, and other communication outlets.

Agendas for both the Visioning Session and the Strategic Action Planning Session
Visioning Session
Strategic Action Planning Session

Project Background
RFP for Strategic Planning Services
February 5, 2018 Village Board Meeting (p. 69)

Strategic Management Materials
Environmental Scan
Memorandum to the Village Board    

Visioning and Action Planning Session Report 

Meeting Recordings
Friday, June 15, 2018
Saturday, June 16, 2018