Pre-Application Meetings and Pre-Inspections

Pre-application meetings provide an opportunity for Village staff and our customers to discuss potential development proposals, allow for Village staff to outline development procedures, and ensures Village wide coordination.  A pre-application meeting can be requested utilizing the form below.  There are no fees charged for pre-application meetings and no project is too big or too small.

Pre-Application Meeting Request Form

Pre-inspections allow Village inspectors the ability to perform an inspection prior securing a building permit.  The pre-inspection findings can be used by the permit applicant to better understand what issues must be addressed as part of the building permit process.  Pre-inspections are especially helpful to prospective businesses that are considering a new space for lease or purchase.  Pre-inspections are also performed by the Village to assess fire, water, and other damage events.  Property owner's must consent to a pre-inspection by completing the form below.  There are no fees charged for pre-inspections.  

Consent to Inspection