Animal Control

Residents with wild animals in chimneys, attics, window wells, crawl spaces or under decks, porches or stoops are advised to contact a licensed animal trapper or removal service. Nuisance wildlife that has taken up residence on a person’s property can be removed by a licensed wildlife trapper. This service is not provided by the Village of Lisle or DuPage County Animal Services.  Please note that it is illegal for residents to trap wildlife.  A link to a list of licensed animal trappers appears at the bottom of the page.


To report a sick, injured or trapped animal please call 9-1-1.  

Lisle Community Service Officers can assist with sick or injured wildlife by: 

  • Removing the sick or injured animal from residential property or public areas.
  • Removing an animal that has become trapped or entangled in a manner in which it cannot free itself (examples: trapped in a fence, entangled in plastic or netting).

Resources for Preventing Wildlife Nuisances

The DuPage County Forest Preserve District offers advice on living with wildlife and how to make your yard less attractive to wildlife.  They offer information on raccoons, skunks, chipmunks, coyotes and foxes.  Helpful links appear on the bottom of the page.

Helpful Links: