Zoning Ordinance Update Project

Title 5 of the Lisle Village Code establishes the Village's zoning regulations.  The Village's zoning regulations have not been comprehensively revised since 1970.  Since that time, the zoning regulations have been amended numerous times in a piecemeal fashion.  

A Key Strategic Performance Area of the Village's 2019 - 2021 Strategic Priorities is quality economic development.  The proposed comprehensive revision of the Village's zoning regulations is an economic development initiative that targets this performance area by assisting in the creation of a modern, consistent and predictable regulatory environment.     

On September 16, 2019, the Lisle Village Board approved Resolution 2019-3972 authorizing Village staff to rewrite the Village's zoning ordinance. 

Village staff anticipates completion of a draft zoning ordinance within one year.  Upon completion, the draft zoning ordinance will be assigned to the Lisle Planning and Zoning Commission to conduct the necessary public hearing. 

The table below can be used to track staff's progression.  As draft chapters are completed, the chapters will be uploaded to allow for review.  Comments may be directed to zoningcodeupdate@villageoflisle.org

Chapter Title Draft Document  Significant Changes Summary Date Posted
 1 Legal Framework Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Significant Changes Summary Revised
 2 Residential Districts Chapter 2 
Chapter 2 Significant Changes Summary 11/21/2019
 3 Business Districts Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Significant Changes Summary 11/21/2019
 4 Office Districts Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Significant Changes Summary 11/21/2019 
 5 Light Industrial
Business Park District
Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Significant Changes Summary 11/21/2019 
 6 College University District Chapter 6 
Chapter 6 Significant Changes Summary 11/21/2019
 7  Allowed Uses Chapter 7 
Chapter 7 Significant Changes Summary Revised
 8 Accessory Uses Chapter 8
Chapter 8 Significant Changes Summary 1/13/2020
 9 Temporary Uses Pending Pending Pending

Chapter 2 Significant Changes Summary
Chapter 2 Significant Changes Summary