Active Projects

Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee has begun an update to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. A bicycle and pedestrian plan provides a detailed action plan for potential improvements to biking, walking, and transit in the Village. Additionally, a bicycle and pedestrian study places strong emphasis on creating safe connections to important destination in the Village with particular emphasis on access to various business corridors, downtowns, local parks, and schools. 

Community Improvement Program

Annually Village Departments collaborate on an ongoing Community Improvement Program. The program is document that allows the Village prioritize and invest in the Village's infrastructure and equipment. Each year, Village staff working with the Village Board develop a set of projects during the budget discussion. 

Western Court Traffic Study

The Transportation Advisory Commission has recommended that a traffic study be conducted regarding the Ogden Industrial Park. The study is intended to evaluate traffic volumes, patterns, and identify options for mitigating neighborhood traffic concerns regarding large trucks using residential streets to access the industrial park.