Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update

Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update - In Progress

The Village has begun working with the Active Transportation Alliance to develop and update to the 2008 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. A bicycle and pedestrian plan provides a detailed action plan for potential improvements to biking, walking, and transit in the Village. Additionally, a bicycle and pedestrian study places strong emphasis on creating safe connections to important destinations in the Village, with particular emphasis  on access to various business corridors, downtowns, local parks, and schools.  

As with other studies related to the Village’s infrastructure needs, the updated bicycle and pedestrian plan will provide recommendations for infrastructure improvements including steps to improve sidewalk networks, expand path and trails, and improve overall safe travel for bicyclists and pedestrians traveling to and from various destinations in Lisle. Recommended improvement projects can be considered in future Capital Improvement Programs.

Planning Process

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee will meet monthly to discuss goals and priorities, develop a vision for the plan, identify issues and concerns, and review and approve plan recommendations. A robust program of activities aimed at gaining resident input on barriers to bicycling and walking, as well as identifying key destinations that residents might want to reach by bicycle or on foot, will occur throughout the planning process. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee will be soliciting input from residents at community events, hosted community meetings, utilized online mapping exercises and surveys, as well as social media outreach. To learn more about the planning process, view the presentation here. If you are interested in more information about the study, please contact Adam Hall, Assistant Public Works Director.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Survey

Working with the consultant, the Committee has developed an online survey to receive resident feedback on how often residents bike, local destinations, and barriers to walking or biking. Residents are encouraged to complete the 10 minute electronic survey. If you are unable to complete the electronic survey, a paper copy of the survey can be made available by contacting Adam Hall, Assistant Public Works Director.

Take the survey here.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Mapping Exercise 

Another feedback tool is a Bicycle and Pedestrian online map. Residents can provide input on routes that are comfortable for walking and biking, routes that are uncomfortable for walking and biking, difficult crossings, and destinations. To draw a walking or biking route, click on routes. To mark a difficult crossing or destination, click on points. For each route, intersection, and destination you draw this map, you will be prompted to answer a series of questions. Responses will help the Village understand how to target future improvements.

Mapping Exercise

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