Water System Assessment & Rate Study

Water and sewer payments made by Village of Lisle water customers serve to sustain the operation and maintenance of the water distribution system. In October 2019, the Village entered into an agreement with Baxter & Woodman, a professional engineering consultant, for a Water System Needs Assessment and Water Rate Analysis to understand more about the condition of the water distribution system, and collect comprehensive data on system components.

The water system needs assessment consisted of an investigation of the Village’s water infrastructure to evaluate the age and condition of water towers, water treatment equipment, water mains, pipes, valves, and other system components in an effort to determine the future capital needs of the system. Information gathered during this process was used to develop a capital investment plan in order to adequately plan for future capital expenses. From here, revenues were analyzed and a sustainable financing model was developed to enable the capital investment plan to be carried out and minimize costs for customers.

On August 17, 2020, Lisle Village Board approved a ten-year water system capital plan and authorized the restructuring of water and sewer rates. The restructuring of rates results in an equitable water and sewer rate structure that supports operational and capital needs into the future while minimizing costs. The new water and sewer rate structure and accompanying capital plan was developed with assistance from the Village’s consultant.

Highlights of the new water and sewer rate structure and schedule includes:

  • A fixed meter and volumetric rate.
  • Eliminates the minimum water charge.
  • More equitable charges and fees.
  • Maintains an operating reserve goal of 25% based on American Water Works Association (AWWA) recommendations.
  • Minimizes costs to Village customers (reducing costs for some user groups) and makes efficient use of revenue.
  • Continues the Village’s standing as having one of the lowest water rates of DuPage Water Commission customers.
  • No Village rate increase until May 1, 2022 (pass through increases from DuPage Water Commission may occur during this period).
  • Implements a new water rate structure beginning May 1, 2021.
  • Water and sewer rates increase by 3% per year for Fiscal Years 2022-23, 2023-24 and 2024-25 to sustain targeted fund balances.

The ten-year water system capital plan was developed to maintain the Village’s existing water system infrastructure. The $9 million plan includes construction of 17,400 linear feet of water main, pump station improvements, rehabilitation of emergency back-up wells, water system modeling and advancements to water meter infrastructure.


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Fiscal Year Start DuPage Water Commission Village Water & Sewer Increase
May 1, 2021 Pass Through  No increase (rate structure change)
May 1, 2022 Pass Through  3%
May 1, 2023 Pass Through  3%
May 1, 2024 Pass Through (if occurs) 3%

Sample Residential Bill (in-Village) – 1” meter or less – 5,000 gallons of usage

2 Water Rate Table-1