Special Events

The Village encourages the hosting of special events as a great way to provide attractions, activities and foster a sense of community. A special event permit application is required when a community event is located on public property or when it events held on private property may have a direct effect upon public property, traffic flow, public health, safety, or events which may require the use of special Village services. The permit application fee for a special event is $75.

For events not meeting the criteria of a special event, a temporary use permit may be required by the Village’s Development Services Department. 

To hold a special event in the Village of Lisle, individuals must:

  1. Complete the Village’s special event primary application.
  2. Complete event site plan.
  3. Complete event emergency plan.
  4. Submit a certificate of insurance (if serving alcohol, liquor liability coverage must be indicated on the certificate).
  5. Submit signed Village indemnification and hold harmless agreement.
  6. Submit all accompanying permitting, if applicable. 
  7. Coordinate with Police and Public Works for use of personnel and crowd control equipment.
  8. Village Board review and approval.
Special Event Policy (Title 7 Chapter 4 of Village Code)
Special Event Permit Application

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Havlik, Assistant to the Village Manager, or call (630) 271-4145 or MHavlik@villageoflisle.org.