Lisle Loyal eGift Card Program

The Lisle Loyal eGift Card Program is administered through the Village’s program partner, Yiftee. Lisle businesses of any size can opt-in to participate. Participants in the program will have the ability to customize a gift card, market themselves, drive traffic and elevate their visibility and the Lisle community. Participating businesses can directly impact the amount of financial support they receive through the program by successful marketing efforts. The greater the promotion of the branded card and the program, the greater customer recognition, traffic, and generated financial support.

The eGift Program provides the following advantages for businesses:

  • Village financial contribution to incentivize participation and support businesses marketing efforts
  • Mobile so there are no additional printing or distribution expenses lisle-business-relief-logo.outline
  • Integrates with current business websites and social media sites 
  • Redemption is online via portal requiring no additional set up or equipment 
  • Funds from purchased gift cards are sent weekly to businesses 
  • Includes built in reminders to redeem gift cards
  • Fraud risk is eliminated 
  • No Point of Sale technology revisions or setup
  • Real-time reporting 
  • Ongoing sales through the Yiftee market place are available beyond the Business Assistance Program

Participating businesses are able to take advantage of the Village's contribution towards administrative fees and a bonus gift card as well as the associated Lisle Loyal marketing and promotional assistance.

Financial support for the program by the Village includes:

• Funding the $1+5% delivery fee (purchaser fee)

• Funding the 5% service fee for each card sold after October 1, 2020 to December 15, 2020 (business fee)

Financially support also includes a Bonus (BOGO) Gift Card that works in the following manner:

• $25 eGift Card, receive an additional $10

• $50 eGift Card, receive an additional $25

• $75 eGift Card, receive an additional $40

Lisle Loyal marketing and promotional assistance includes PoS signage, posters and slicks for participating businesses. 

Lisle businesses that want to participate can learn more about the program and sign up here in just a few minutes.

Lisle Loyal eGift Card Program Information

Yiftee Inc. has nine years of proven experience in developing community-based gift card programs and, unlike other gift card programs, has developed a new marketplace and marketing initiative focused specifically on supporting local businesses during COVID-19.

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