2022- 2025 Strategic Planning Process

Strategic planning provides a guide for service delivery decisions and helps to inform the allocation of resources. In June 2021, in preparation for continuing the Village’s practice of strategic planning and forming a successor plan to the 2019-2021 Strategic priorities, the Village of Lisle began engaging in the process of developing the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. The process kicked off with engaging a professional consultant to assist in this process which includes a wide-sweeping review of the characteristics and interests of residents, businesses, institutions, and other stakeholders in the development of the plan.

This thoughtful and deliberative process included several steps to reach out to and capture the perspectives of the many stakeholders within the community. These steps included thorough review of Lisle demographic information, the conduct of one-on-one interviews, surveys, and community focus groups, as well as in-depth discussions regarding the Village of Lisle’s attributes and future potential.

Below, please find an overview of the steps in developing the Village of Lisle’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan:

Review of 2019 - 2021 Strategic Plan

Consultant Approval

  • In July, the Village Board approved Resolution 2021-4182 authorizing a professional service agreement with Raftelis Financial Consultants for professional consultant services related to the development of the plan.

Employee and Community Surveys

  • In September, the development and conduct of the community and employee surveys took place. Surveys are designed to gather important information to inform the development of the plan.
  • The Community Survey targeted gathering input on current priorities as well as emerging community needs and priorities. The survey ran for four weeks and received 345 responses.
  • The employee survey sought to delve into employee perspectives about the current state of the Village and future issues to consider as part of the strategic planning process. This survey received 36 responses.

Resident Survey-Focus Group Flyer

Focus Group Sessions

  • In October, virtual interactive focus groups were held to host robust community conversations regarding current priorities as well as emerging community needs and priorities.
  • Focus groups included two sessions for residents, as well has sessions held for the business community and institutional partners.

Elected Official Interviews

  • October also included interviews were conducted with Village Board members. These interviews served to gather perspectives and preliminary thoughts on the process and assist in developing an understanding of the Village's processes, operations, and prior planning efforts.

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