Foster Economic Investment

The 2022-2025 Strategic Plan identifies four Performance Areas that represent the most critical efforts to be made towards achieving the desired future. Each performance area has an associated statement of success and outcome metrics. Outcome metrics will be tracked over the duration of the plan to measure the success in achieving the statement of success.

Lisle facilitates investment in the community through responsible, predictable, proactive, and efficient public policies and processes.

WestSide Tractor
Outcome Metrics January 2022 June 2022
Number and types of housing units 1 single family 2 single family, 5 townhomes
Number of new businesses registered 33 25
Change in assessed value, by land use category*


In-Village sales tax per capita $119.27 $120.24
Percent change in sales tax 31% 0.81%
Percent of economic incentive dollars rebated as a percent of total incentive dollars approved 0% 56.23%
Median household income* $96,945 -
Percent of first staff comments provided within 10 business days for building permits N/A N/A
Customer Survey Question - Rating of the Development Services Department services N/A N/A
Percent of inspections completed within two business days of requests N/A N/A
Average duration of zoning entitlement process 70 days 41 days
Number of business retention visits 5 10

Data in each column is from the six-month time period prior.

* Metric reported annually.

Housing Units (2)
New Businesses (3)