Fiscal Sustainability

The 2022-2025 Strategic Plan identifies four Performance Areas that represent the most critical efforts to be made towards achieving the desired future. Each performance area has an associated statement of success and outcome metrics. Outcome metrics will be tracked over the duration of the plan to measure the success in achieving the statement of success.

Lisle's long-term financial plan utilizes diverse revenue sources to support services, infrastructure, planned initiatives, and to maintain healthy reserve balances.

Fiscal Sustainability
Outcome Metrics January 2022 July 2022 January 2023 July 2023
Capital expenditures as a percent of total expenditures 12.85% 9.25% 10.07% 11.66%
Percent of recurring revenues and expenditures forecasted within 10% of actual* 44.79% - 38.40% 62.50%
Village-controlled revenue as a percent of total revenue 47.50% 55.54% 43.10% 44.75%
Percent of total fund balance to total fund expenditures* 182.12% - 178.65% -
Percent of grant revenues to total infrastructure expenditures 0.89% 1.39% 14.45% 23.14%
Percent of pension assets to pension liabilities* 85.86% - 85.13% -
Percent change in overall recurring revenues 7.94% 3.96% 3.01% 11.61%
Percent change in overall operating expenditures -5.08% 4.88% 2.70% 4.04%
Percent fund balance to expenditures as compared to fund reserve policy for General Fund* 128.21% - 134.10% -

Data in each column is from the six-month time period prior.

* Metric reported annually.

Capital Expenditures
Recurring Revenues (July 2023)