Innovative Service Delivery

The 2022 -2025 Strategic Plan identifies four Performance Areas that represent the most critical efforts to be made towards achieving the desired future. Each performance area has an associated statement of success and outcome metrics. Outcome metrics will be tracked over the duration of the plan to measure the success in achieving the statement of success.

Lisle empowers staff to deliver high quality innovative services.

Outcome Metrics January 2022 July 2022 January 2023 July 2023
Change in the number of ways in which the community can access Village services through technology 3 1 19 21
Annual training hours per employee* 38.62 N/A 41.43 N/A
Track market competitiveness through average costs of salary & benefits per FTE and salary ranges 50th percentile 50th percentile 50th percentile 50th percentile
Community Survey Questions - Overall satisfaction with interactions with Village staff N/A N/A N/A In Progress
Customer Survey Question - Overall satisfaction with Village services N/A N/A N/A In Progress
Average response time to service requests N/A N/A 7.3 days 7.8 days
Number of employees who complete process improvement/innovation training N/A N/A 52% N/A

Data in each column is from the six-month time period prior.

* Metric reported annually.

Village Services
Training Hours (Jan 2023)