Stormwater Projects in Progress

2023 Stormwater Improvement Projects:

Village Center South Stormwater Improvements

This project provides for the installation of approximately 5,583 linear feet of storm sewer pipe ranging in sizes from 12" to 48" to address structural flooding, yard flooding and nuisance drainage in the residential properties in the village Center sub-watershed. The general project area is bounded by Main St, Kingston Ave, Center Ave, Hitchcock Av, Hawthorne Ln, Gamble Dr, Lincoln Av, Jonquil Av, Short St and Riverview Dr. The proposed improvements will impact over 20+ properties, and constitute a significant effort to address persistent flooding in this area.

Scarlet Oak Lane Stormwater Improvement Project

This project provides improvements to the existing 10" storm sewers that drain Scarlet Oak Ln, specifically at the cul-de-sac portion of the road, which experiences as much as two feet of flooding as a result of the insufficient storm sewer capacity. There are nine homes on the Scarlet Oak Cul-de-sac that are blocked from entering or leaving the residences during a flooding event. The project would redesign the storm sewer and establish greater stormwater protections for the area.

Burlington Avenue Storm Sewer Extension Project

This project includes the preparation of contract documents to extend storm sewers on Schwartz, Devon and Winchester Avenues between Burlington Avenue and Ogden Avenue in order to tie into the trunk sewer to be constructed in the Burlington Avenue Reconstruction Project. These improvements are identified in the Village’s Stormwater Master Plan for the area north of Burlington Avenue, bounded by Ogden Avenue (north), Yackley Avenue (west) and the East Branch DuPage River (east). Village-owned storm sewer main exists within the southern right-of way of Burlington Avenue, with multiple laterals crossing Burlington Avenue to capture drainage within the northern right-of-way. The storm sewer drains toward the East Branch DuPage River and discharges into the river via an 18” outlet located under the levee and protected with flap gate(s), which close as the river rises to prevent stormwater from backing up.

Old Tavern Road Culvert Rehabilitation

A culvert inspection underneath Old Tavern Road completed recently determined that sections of the interior top of the culvert were delaminated with surface spalling and reinforcement corrosion. The condition of the top slab of the culvert was evaluated in accordance with the Illinois Structure Information and Procedure Manual (2021). Based on the criteria in the manual, the Condition Rating of the culvert is “Poor” (Code 4) due to the condition of the bottom of the top slab under the roadway. This project will consist of design plans to remove the top of the culvert, complete a repair, and resurface the roadway above.

Old Tavern Road Culvert


Scarlet Oak Lane

Scarlet Oak Ln