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Posted on: November 30, 2023

Go on a Low Salt Diet this Year

Salt on the road

During winter in the Midwest, large amounts of salt are used to melt ice on roads and sidewalks. Unfortunately, this salt mixes with ice and ultimately flows into rivers and streams through storm sewers. Chlorides do not break down or degrade, even when they are diluted. One tablespoon of salt can contaminate 5 gallons of water, negatively impacting the environment. Chlorides cause a salty taste in drinking water, harm vegetation growth and wildlife, and corrode vehicles, roads, parking lots, and sidewalks. Reducing the use of road salt saves money and protects the environment. The "Low Salt Diet" includes:
 •          Shoveling (or using a snow blower) before applying any product; never put a de-icing product on top of snow.

•          Adopting the “Just Enough” principle, putting down just enough product to keep high traffic areas clear of ice.

•          Sweeping up un-dissolved product after a storm and reusing as needed.

•          Switching to a de-icer that doesn’t contain chloride.

•          Supporting changes in chloride application in your municipality. Lisle Public Works efforts to reduce road salt applications and use of alternative products

•          Informing neighbors about the negative impacts chlorides have in our streams and rivers.

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