Who oversees the work?

The Village’s resident engineer from Engineering Enterprises, Inc. will be on site daily throughout the construction period. Questions regarding the 2022 Annual Road Rehabilitation Program can be directed to Adam Hall, Assistant Public Works Director at ahall@villageoflisle.org or 630-271-4172.

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1. What streets will the work occur on during the 2023 Street Rehabilitation Program?
2. What does the Street Rehabilitation Program do?
3. Who oversees the work?
4. How can I receive project updates?
5. What is the Driveway Curb Replacement Program?
6. Will I have access to my street during construction?
7. Will I have access to my driveway during construction?
8. What about parking during construction?
9. Will my asphalt driveway be restored after concrete work is completed?
10. Will my concrete driveway be restored after concrete work is completed?
11. How do I avoid getting oil on my vehicle or driveway?
12. Will my grass be restored after the contractor has removed sidewalk or curb adjacent to my house?
13. Will garbage collection occur during the project?
14. What should I do if I have a dog fence, sump pump connection or irrigation system in my front parkway?